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Frequently Asked Questions


Our Services

How do I know what therapy I need for my situation?2021-11-29T19:38:12+00:00

We offer a free consultation call with a therapist at the clinic. They will take the time needed to guide you.

How many sessions will I need?2021-11-29T18:38:38+00:00

The number of sessions vary from one client to another. After your 1st session, the therapist will establish a treatment plan adapted to your needs.

How long will my treatment last?2021-11-29T18:35:58+00:00

During your first appointment, our therapists will assess your physical condition to determine the best treatment plan. The assessment takes 45 to 60 minutes (which includes a treatment). Treatment duration is approximately 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the service.

Can I work out after a session?2021-11-24T20:45:19+00:00

It all depends on the therapist’s decision and the treatment given. However, we usually suggest a 24 to 48 hours rest following the session.

Appointments & Payment

What do I need to bring or wear to my appointment?2021-11-29T19:43:47+00:00

It is recommended that you dress comfortably in loose-fitting garments allowing for free movement of the areas of your body that need to be assessed and treated. We recommend wearing a tank top for upper body injuries, and short pants for lower body injuries. Please note that we can provide you with appropriate attire.

Is there a penalty for cancelling an appointment?2021-11-29T19:36:43+00:00

Yes, we do have a cancellation policy. We value your business and time and ask that you respect our business policy. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please give the clinic a 24-hour advance notice. For less than 24 hours’ notice or for missed appointments, a 50$ cancellation fee may be applied.

Am I covered by my insurance company?2021-11-29T19:34:13+00:00

Yes, our services are covered by private insurance compagnies. Certain exceptions are applied when it comes to certain services (for example, not all companies cover the service of kinesiology). It is the client’s responsibility to verify what their coverages includes.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to make an appointment?2021-11-29T19:33:37+00:00

No medical referral is required for a consultation with our therapists. During the assessment, your therapist may nonetheless refer you back to your doctor if your condition requires it. However, please note that certain insurance companies might demand a referral from a medical professional as a prerequisite for treatment reimbursement. It is therefore the client’s responsibility to check with his or her own insurer for the procedures to follow.

How can I book an appointment?2021-11-29T18:39:58+00:00

Our goal is to make the booking process as easy as possible to all our clients. You can book an appointment with a therapist online in a matter of minutes. Other options include messaging us, calling us or emailing us.

Do you offer gift certificates?2021-11-29T18:39:19+00:00

Yes, we do offer gift certificates. They are available in clinic.

Can you directly bill my insurance company?2021-11-29T18:37:52+00:00

We do not deal directly with insurance compagnies, however after every session we send you a detailed insurance receipt, by email, that you can submit to your insurance.

Our Clinic

Do you have parking at your location?2021-11-29T19:37:36+00:00

Yes, we do have outdoor parking. There’s a possibility to access the indoor parking in the winter.

How do I get to the clinic by public transportation?2021-11-23T20:35:56+00:00

Bus: 69, 151, 55, 68, 468, 64, 144
Metro: Orange
Train: SJ

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